Boundless love for man and children, a constant feeling of hunger and desire to communicate – it defines completely oriental character of oriental breed . For lovers of the breed, activity and talkativeness Orientals did not interfere.

What is the nature of this oriental cat?

Pet requires constant contact with family members, even if left alone will not cast the votes. If you’re at home, the cat will always be with you in close contact, in order to attract maximum attention. Voice of the Oriental cats are very melodic, it has a number of audio tones that the cat uses when he tells you in all colors: she spent the day and complain if something upset her, offended.

Character Oriental cat breed

For the hosts, who no one to talk to, a cat with such a character a real find. Oriental cats are gullible and open to the contact, easy to train, you will be able to bring different toys or objects. Oriental cats safely get along with all your family members, they do not have such habits as biting and scratching.

Games and dedication oriental cats

It is like playing with interactive toys such as balls, mahalochek, various rods. Growing up, playful nature oriental cats do not change and they continue to please their owners unpretentious behavior.

Oriental breed character is revealed in their devotion, they kept only one person. It is to him they give most of their attention and love. Orientals are quite good travel companion, the main thing with his beloved owner.

Another character trait of oriental cats – this is their unrestrained curiosity. They always stick your nose. Without it will not do any one accident in the house. If you come to visit, they will not be hidden, and gladly made the acquaintance of all, fall in love, even the most indifferent to the cat family. It is also easy to get along Orientals with any pet, especially with other members of their species.

Addiction to food and telepathy among Orientals from birth

It should be noted feature to gluttony oriental cats breed. Therefore, you should make every effort not to succumb to their charm and pour excess. Excessive portions lead to heart disease, and the cat will lose the intrinsic nature of grace and thinness. Trace follows the fact that the cat did not start to steal from the table, shelves and drawers, if you do not get the desired additives.

This cat breed is suitable for people who are allergic to animal hair. The undercoat is absent or very low, they almost do not shed, so cat allergies Orientals fit . Many owners say that this breed has the ability of telepathy. They literally feel your mood and you try to pick it up in any way. Even if you just watch TV, your home each share with you and your silence is just beside.

Orientals Breeders should be aware that a small cat requires enough of your attention and education. And you should stock up on a huge portion of patience, so that you get the most reliable friend, whose character suits you the most.

Character Oriental cat breed
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