The maintenance and care Oriental cat breed short-haired subspecies is not troublesome for the lucky owners. The undercoat is a relatively small and lightweight, wool short enough so the cat hardly likely to moult. It will be enough to hold a special rubber glove to remove dead hairs. This procedure is carried out infrequently.

How to care for a cat breed Oriental? Summary of recommendations

Problems with grooming Oriental cat should arise – the hair is short, close-fitting, without undercoat.

The maintenance and care

Bathing kittens and cats Oriental breeds. As for swimming, then there may be difficulties because of the rejection of the cat water treatment, however, Orientals themselves monitor the cleanliness of their coats. Particular care and maintenance require ears, pet claws and teeth.

Care claws oriental . The claws of cats Oriental breeds grow very long, which brings discomfort, and most cat owners. It is important to ensure kogtetochkami your home, so do not spoil your pet furniture. If schёsyvanie kittens is not enough, the owner must be carefully shear only part of the nail, where there are no blood vessels. Accustom to hold grooming should be a young age as an adult is more difficult to get used to regular procedures.

Ears Orientals and care . Due to the fact that the ear is going sulfur and dust particles, it is important to clean with a cotton swab with excess secretions readily available outside of the ear.

Teeth oriental Oriental cat breed has a genetic susceptibility to gingivitis.. Therefore, pet owners need to make regular hygiene with a brush and special toothpaste a few times a week. If you can see the inflammation of the gums, you need to contact your veterinarian. It is important to observe the feeding of pet bowls clean after each feeding and washing them.

contents Oriental cat breed

Dining Oriental cats. The power supply must be balanced, serving small to avoid overeating. The batch is calculated from calculation of 30-40 grams per kilogram of body weight twice per cat per day. It is important to preserve the natural leanness and grace of the animal. The choice of food and feed ration is yours: natural food or feed premium. If you choose a natural nutrition, the diet consists of fresh meat products and raw oceanic fish. Milk yield rarely desirable gradually within 2 hours after the main diet.

Where should sleep cat of oriental breed Content and pet care in your home will not give you much trouble, if you immediately will provide pet necessary adaptations and sleeping? . Orientals rather thermophilic. And do not miss the moment to be as close to you and take a central place in your bed. If you do not accept a cat in your bed, accustom it since childhood, and do not let on your bed.

They are very playful and restless – consider this aspect when choosing a purebred kitten. Sleeper pet provide a warm and relaxing, which will not walk drafts – the animal sensitive to cold.

Orientals neat and toilet should always be kept clean, to celebrate their need cats love in private. Of course, each individual cat may have a pet, you will notice your habits and behaviors that will be enjoyable and understandable to you. Do not forget to carry out the maintenance and care of your pet with love and utmost care, the reward for your efforts will be sociable and cheerful Oriental cat breed.

The maintenance and care
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