Meet – this cat is oriental, with a color purple spot. The boy is very tame, kind and sociable. I will happily lie down on your lap, he will be grateful when he is scratched behind the ear. Big ears and graceful posture are important nuances that attract many in this cat breed. Oriental cat is already accustomed to the toilet and claw. All necessary vaccinations are made. Documents prepared for moving to any country, to any city. How to buy an oriental kitten in our cattery of oriental breed? Everything is simple – write to the mail of cattery MASCOT or contact one of the phone numbers on the website page “Contacts“. We are happy to tell you more about this oriental kitten or about any other section. “Oriental kittens“.

In the meantime, we offer you to get acquainted with the kitten closer, watch the video and photo material about this oriental kitten, purple spot:

A photo. Oriental kitten, purple spot

Oriental cat purple spot