Cost oriental kitten

Cost oriental kitten

How much is oriental and how much should cost actually oriental kitten? Buy Oriental style in the nursery oriental cat MASCOT. Formation of the cost of kitten of oriental breed depends on …

Cattery Oriental cat MASCOT

Cattery Oriental cat MASCOT

Our cattery Oriental breed of cats called MASCOT, which means the talisman. Orientals – Kittens will be great talisman of your home.Buying a kitten Oriental breed, you …



Cattery Oriental cat breed MASCOT is located in Moscow, but the sale of oriental kittens we produce in any corner of the planet. Phone MASCOT cattery in Moscow. Buy kitten …

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  • Oriental blue-eyed cat
    Oriental blue-eyed cat

    An Oriental cat with amazing blue eyes is a real pearl in the world of feline grace. His slender figure and graceful lines are like a sculpture created by skillful hands

Reviews of the MASCOT cattery:

Good day!I bought two months ago the boy Oriental style white color. I couldn't resist and decided to write you a few words of thanks. Thank you so much for the wonderful kitten. It made our family a thirst for life and fun. This a fidget)I'd like to have such fervor and enthusiasm. I hasten to inform you that the health of a kitten at all in order for the power watch, as you said. I enclose a recent photo of our beloved Georges.

Isabella / Poland, Krakow

Hi everyone. I'm Elvira from UK.I write to you because I wanna say that the decision to buy the Oriental style in his homeland paid off at 100%.It seems that with the kitten Oriental breed which we bought in your MASCKOT kennel we took a piece of Moscow to London.After all we Muscovites, I told you.Parenting our Alisa (name of the cat is very suitable to her) is just amazing and the fact that all pets live in the house, a typical home a positive effect on the character and habits of the animal. Thanks again! You turned upside down all our ideas of "catteries".

Elvira / UK

Orientals Kittens of our cattery

Some of the most successful pictures of our pets during the existence of MASCOT cattery. All kittens are now available for sale and from past litters you can see in "Kittens for sale". All our kittens Orientals have preventive procedures like vaccination, treatment of ecto and endoparasites, etc. Buy Oriental style can not only residents of Moscow and the Moscow region. We manufacture sale and shipment by air, by train, by courier to all corners of the world (Europe, Asia). We have the experience of sending oriental kittens in other cities and countries. Contact us to learn all the nuances. We and kittens are waiting for your call or writing an e-mail!

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