Oriental blue-eyed catAn Oriental cat with amazing blue eyes is a real pearl in the world of feline grace. His slender figure and graceful lines are like a sculpture created by skillful hands. The look of this cat is a revelation of deep soul and intellectual acuity. He is full of energy and intelligence, ready to give his devotion to his new owners. This Oriental kitten is a true companion who will share with you the joys and secrets of life. Ready for change, he is waiting for his new friends to give them his love and tenderness. His arrival in your home will bring a fresh wind of change.

Photo gallery – Oriental blue-eyed cat

Our pupils, all oriental kittens, moving to your home have:

  • double deworming;
  • vaccinations by age;
  • international veterinary passport;
  • microchip at the buyer’s request;
  • export certificate form No. 1 (if the kitten is leaving for another city or country);
  • detailed instructions for maintenance and care;
  • document of origin;
  • purchase agreement.
Oriental blue-eyed cat