Oriental cinnamon kittens are the embodiment of exquisite elegance and grace. Their bodies are flexible and slender, like curved arrows, and their silky fur emphasizes every graceful curve. The eyes of these kittens sparkle with intelligence and curiosity about the world around them. Affectionate and loyal, they have an incredible ability to understand their owner. Active and energetic, they love active games and communication. Oriental kittens with cinnamon color are real tempters of hearts who will easily win your attention with their sophisticated beauty and charming nature.

Photo gallery – Oriental kittens cinnamon color

Our pupils, all oriental kittens, moving to your home have:

  • double deworming;
  • vaccinations by age;
  • international veterinary passport;
  • microchip at the buyer’s request;
  • export certificate form No. 1 (if the kitten is leaving for another city or country);
  • detailed instructions for maintenance and care;
  • document of origin;
  • purchase agreement.
Reservation! Oriental kittens cinnamon color