Lovers of oriental cats and kittens are lost among the price, which can be seen by comparing the different nurseries of cats, looking at the boards and so on. What is the component of the price is oriental kitten? Why prices of oriental cat are so different and what price
is fair?

Cost oriental kitten. Price

About cost of purebred kittens

Wanting to buy a purebred, it is very difficult at times to understand why the cost of a kitten of the same breed may differ at times, even coming on board classifieds animals immediately begin to lose, and the question arises why such different prices.

Thoroughbred kitten can not be cheap-it is an axiom.

Kitten oriental breed currently stands at an average of 20,000 RUB and higher, depending on many factors.

And this a number of reasons.

Cost oriental kitten. Price

1.Gramotno selected parental couples breeders manufacturers bought expensive, often need blood imported from abroad.

Sometimes they resort to the services of a friendly cat kennels, in which case the cost of the binding is a kitten, or even higher.

Professional breeders do not seek to replicate their bloodlines, so the bulk of the kittens is offered as a luxury pet without the right dilution, ie at a lower (relative) value.

2. Manufacturers are tested for genetic and viral diseases, not to mention the preventive measures as vaccination and other, which is necessary for a healthy and strong offspring, are at the veterinary service.

3. Animals are kept on expensive professional feed premium and super premium class, get organic supplements and vitamins.

4. They have a lot of equipment for the maintenance, care and rearing kittens, such as carrying, scratching posts, couches, toys, toilet articles (nail clipper, brush trimmers) etc, total weight.

5. Participation in exhibitions – a special case. To prove their competitiveness and vysokoporodnyh animals should participate in exhibitions, and is not a cheap pleasure. Again bunch sopustvuyuschih costs (exhibition tent, help, shampoos, combs, sprays, powders, etc.)

6. Pregnancy and childbirth -Includes suralimentation cats, ultrasonography, vitamins, childbirth, up to the caesarean section.

7. Growing kittens – a lot of diapers, toys, pots filler further their deworming and vaccination, growing up to 3 months of age.

Here is the short list of necessary expenses that the kittens have grown full-fledged. Add to this another time and labor spent breeder who count and could not be assessed.

Cost oriental kitten. Price

The result – we have a purebred, healthy and social kittens accustomed to independent feeding and hygiene practices to all, ready to move into new homes for others to enjoy.

Now answer themselves: a kitten can be cheap?

But there is another way.

Sold on the occasion of poor quality cat probably without pedigree, in a pair of her same cat is in the grooms ad “inexpensive” that ogulivaet such as cats, are not known with any “bouquets”, the animals are not tested, not vaccinated (the owners often simply They do not know that it is necessary), feeding the animals fodder economy.

They are born “thoroughbred” kittens, which are not worms and engage them in their spare time, they are offered for sale at 1.5 months, the ad may be all someone else’s photo, but these kittens are cheap.

And what you want a kitten?


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