Who has a cat, he can not be afraid of loneliness.
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Cattery Oriental cat MASCOT glad to meet you, lovers of oriental cat on our site!

Kennel Mascot is a community of owners of Oriental cat breeds, each pet is living at home and receiving full care and full attention. We work closely with experienced felinologists and veterinarians.

On the territory of the Russian cats Oriental breeds are not as popular as many other breeds, because of good oriental kitten not easy to find, but connoisseurs of all the rare, sophisticated and beautiful have already been able to appreciate the opportunity to have a pet at home.

Cattery Oriental cat MASCOT

In Moscow, our nursery is not alone, but that we will you find the most prominent representatives of this breed. For us it is important that pets are not just in good shape, and had an opportunity to get into the best and reliable hands. With the future owners, we try to discuss all issues of care, keeping and breeding.

Cattery Oriental cat MASCOT constantly in touch with those who have already had our oriental kitten. On our site you will be able to note the important information and make choices oriental kitten. You will be able to make conclusions for themselves on the feedback from our satisfied customers about decency MASCOT and reverent attitude not only to breed kittens Oriental, but also to you – our future friends.

Cattery Oriental cat MASCOTWe cooperate with many feline clubs, communicate with the best breeders in Russia and in Europe. Our nursery is engaged in sending kittens, not only in our country but also abroad, for example in Europe. Buy a kitten Oriental breed, living in Europe, it is advantageous in the Cattery Oriental cat MASCOT. We write clients and share their impressions of the oriental cats breed in general. All of our dogs and their offspring are supervised by highly qualified veterinarians. If you have any questions on health purchased a cat, you can always ask them.

Cattery Oriental cat MASCOT registered in the feline system FARUS. We are proud of our dogs in breeding involving only representatives of the oriental breed bright popular colors such as black (ebony), chocolate (Havana), white, and bright spot. True rock fans and all that is beautiful, our cat will not leave you indifferent. Orientals – is primarily a companion cat, affectionate, intelligent and faithful, as well as refined and graceful appearance of this panther with the soul of an angel. When you get home, you will be someone to talk to, even if you live alone, alone with oriental cat breeds. Acquainted with all of our manufacturers in the section Our manufacturers.

Cattery Oriental cat MASCOTWhile we are on the path of development, our pets receive the maximum care and attention. Parents oriental kittens are all preventive measures. Genes purebred, without flaws in the rock (strabismus), strong muscles and weak bones. They have a good-natured, cheerful disposition, peculiar to their breed.

Too many owners share their findings in the behavior of Orientals, they noticed that the cat looking straight into his eyes, support your dialogue with them. Devoted friend of the cat family, you will not find, cats Oriental breed fun play style peculiar only to them. Each new day with oriental cat will make you and your loved ones smile more often. Remember that you are not buying a piece of furniture or expensive thing, but a living creature, a new family member.

In our nursery you can get full information, to reserve or purchase the liked kitten Oriental breed. The house to the new owners they moved after the course is complete preventive deworming and vaccinations, accustomed to the tray and kittens.

For us who breed – it is the business of life, but love, we have the knowledge of all the intricacies of the breed and its characteristics. Cattery Oriental cat MASCOT will help you navigate in the selection of your new friend. Call us, write to us: Contacts.

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