Homeland origin Oriental cat is considered Thailand (Siam in the past). History of breed Oriental cat and its origins are closely related to the Siamese breed of cats. The Oriental breed has colors very similar to the Siamese cat. A characteristic is that the Orientals shorthaired and no specific pattern Himalayan wool. In support of this, there are ancient images and murals are very reminiscent of oriental breed cats.

The thorny path to recognition

For a long time the cat was not the export, and its homeland and habitat was the only eastern Siam. Only in the late 19th century, the breed came to England, where felinologists and breeders refused to accept a new kind of breed Siamese cats. In that distant time felinologists decided to exclude from the Siamese breed a kind of oriental cats. Any work on the breeding and development of this breed of cats has been discontinued. History of the breed continued in the 60s, the British breeders interested goal is to get a variety of classic Siamese, but with a solid color. This cat should be strong, graceful, elite. For this thoroughbreds crossed Siamese cats with solid color, thin with short hair. The result was the official recognition of the breed in Britain and America.

The history of oriental breed

Color oriental breed

Feline associations recognized initially championship cats white monochrome color, and later Havana color (hair resembled the color of Cuban cigars from Havana, the capital). In subsequent years, won in the category Oriental cats of other colors. Until now, in the history of the breed priority in America and England considered color Havana, the most typical and emphasizing the uniqueness of oriental cats. The variety in the colors of the breed helped get European breeders who crossed Siamese and oriental cats breed. During the race for the kind of cat, havana color faded in Europe.

At the end of the 20th century managed to bring breeders Balinese and Javanese Cat subspecies new longhaired breed Oriental and bi-color (two color) color. Breeders and felinology managed to gain recognition for this kind of classification FIFE Oriental breed.

Oriental cats in Russia

In Russia, the true rock could only be estimated in 1987, and since then the breed is very popular among lovers and breeders of cats. Oriental cat is more devoted than the Siamese breed, they love to live and close contact with people. Child-friendly, this breed of cats are not for resale or transfer to other hands. For cats Oriental breed is quite a stressful situation in the flesh to deplorable consequences.

The history of the breed, unique colors, many breeders allows more time to evaluate the oriental breed and see how the animal is a dog betrayed, only to you.

The history of oriental breed
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