купить ориенталаMany, those who dream of buying an oriental kitten, think that buying Oriental is difficult and dangerous. Most of the offers on the kittens market are private lovers. Buy oriental kitten not in the professional nursery of oriental cats is fraught with not only pathologies. Before you buy an oriental kitten, study our Library.

  Advice! Buy only in the proven breeds of kennels of oriental rock.

Kitty of oriental rock. Chocolate spot

Our nursery oriental cats MASCOT wants to bring to your attention a kitty with a color “chocolate spot”. Delivery of kitten orientals from our kennel is made all over the world, no matter where you live! To buy a kitten of oriental rock, namely this kitty, you need either to write to us, or to call. All our contact details can be found on the Contacts page.

Photo of a kitty oriental

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