ориентальные котята эбони окрасWe are glad to present you amazingly beautiful oriental kittens. In the photo you can appreciate the beauty of oriental breed in full.

Cat and kitten ebony color with green eyes ready today to hit the road, in your home, in your family. Below, we detail describe: “How to buy oriental kitten in nursery MASCOT”, “How to buy oriental if your place of residence is not Moscow” and tell how much oriental kitten.

Kittens: cat and kitten. Breed: Oriental. Color: Ebony (black). Green eyes

Let’s immediately go to the photo gallery of these beautiful black kittens. If you are really now in search to buy an oriental kitten, then, probably, your searches can be completed, as you can hardly resist and pass by such fine orientals. So, a photo gallery of oriental kittens of black color with green eyes …


Photo gallery of oriental kittens ebony color, with green eyes

How to buy oriental kitten in the nursery MASCOT?

As a person who does not live in Moscow, buy an oriental kitten? How does the cat go abroad?

Our nursery of oriental cats MASCOT has been cooperating with the famous pet carrier Animals Travel company for a number of years. Transportation of animals by this company is organized at the highest level. Animals Travel is engaged in the transportation of pets not only in Russia, but also in any country in the world will deliver the oriental kitten quickly and comfortably.

Oriental kittens of black (ebony) color with green eyes
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