Good health and a remarkable oriental breed attracts many breeders and breeders worldwide. Especial disease in the breed Orientals is not found. Health Alphabet for oriental begins with proper care and maintenance of high-end pet. By following these simple truths, cats live about 20 years.

For more information about the health of the Oriental cat

Of course, the body of any living being is special, but there is a frequent disease that affects Oriental cat breed:
  • Atrophy of the retina of the growing nature;
  • Sign of the flat chest;
  • Gingivitis;
  • Amyloidosis liver;
  • Cardiomyopathy.

The tendency to the latter two diseases are transmitted from the near Orient, by association of the Siamese breed. Of course, in order to avoid such troubles pet health, you can not run, if you originally find out with the help of special tests, such genetic predisposition to the disease, but do not worry, if you buy a kitten in Oriental style Oriental cat cattery MASCOT.

All of our Oriental breed kittens under the strict supervision of veterinarians and breeders. For detailed information on any of our Orientale can be obtained at the time of acquisition of a pet.
It is important to know also, that the propensity to disease can be determined long before the proposed mating animals. So do in order to protect future offspring species and breed of heavy heredity. Let us introduce the future owners of these illnesses closer to this day has not become for you an unpleasant surprise.

Genetic Diseases Oriental cat breeds

Increasing Retinal Atrophy is genetic and is inherited to offspring. This pathological process is observed eye retinal cell destruction, and consequently the partial or complete loss of vision. The pathological process is observed in individuals of different ages. Determine the most difficult enough that the animal health problems with the eyes, so the visit to the veterinary clinic should not be delayed to an ophthalmologist. Even identifying the disease at an early stage, a complete cure is not amenable.

Symptom flat chest – unpleasant legacy from their parents, which leads to changes in the base of the chest bone. The effects of the disease have severe symptoms: the lungs are not fully disclosed, compressed breathing kitten can breathe fully, which means the access of oxygen to the tissues and cells to the brain is restricted as much as possible. The disease affects individuals of oriental breed only at an early age, that is just sick kittens, and therefore there is great risk of death. If you have identified the correct diagnosis of your pet, have the best chance to save the life of a kitten.

Most of the crisis period is 10 days and a 3-week period after birth. If the kitten is going through them, then it is likely that the chest bone straightened. The degree of the rib cage pet, can be reliably detected by X-ray. Help your little kitten, if there is a chance for salvation. You can easily do it yourself at home:

  • Firstly, it is necessary to reduce the external pressure on the sternum, while holding the baby on its side, but not on the stomach.
  • Second, to carry out within days after every third hour massage sternum. It is also possible to use special supportive corsets.
Buying oriental in our cattery MASCOT – you are safe from surprises. We’re now watching furiously genetics of our pets and will not allow Oriental kitten with the disease was in your hands !!!

We warned you about two major ailments Oriental breed. Love your friend and eastern watch his health. Health cats from Eastern countries prone to lung ailments of viral or bacterial nature. Cats, for your care and proper maintenance will give the cat a lot more warmth and devotion.

Health oriental cats
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